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Nona's Kitchen | Gurgaon | India

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Whenever I decide to go to a place I read some reviews initially. This is to ensure that the place is worth my time and money. Trust me, this place has it all.

When you enter the place you can see that the owner has put her heart into the interiors, everything from the lights to the frames on the wall has been made by her. The lighting is beautiful, and there are some beautiful lines written on the walls.

When I met the owner, Mrs. Namrata Gadhok, I understood how passionate she is about the restaurant. She likes to do things with so much precision and wants everything on point. Everything that has been done inside the restaurant has been made by her. I wanted to see her kitchen so she took me there. On the left there was a paper mentioning the schedule, recipes and the processes. Along with this, the responsibility of each person was mentioned so that there is no confusion.

Everything inside the kitchen is well organized. The kitchen is properly cleaned three times in a week and proper hygiene is maintained.

When I started talking to Mrs Gadhok, she told me about her vision, how she started this business, and what she wants to achieve. Earlier she had her restaurant at Golf course road. She started majorly with chole bhature there, but because it was an open shop there was a lot of dust coming inside. This was not acceptable to her as her basic business value is to provide hygienic and quality food. So she opened a proper restaurant at Super market 1, DLF phase 4, Gurgaon, Haryana.

Her vision is to open such restaurants at different locations across Gurgaon, and ultimately open an outlet in Cyber Hub. She also wants to open a restaurant that provides good quality food to pregnant ladies according to their needs and wants, which is a very innovative idea. I wish her all the best for her future.

Now coming to the food. I had heard a lot about their Chole bhature, and all that I had heard was true because the chole bhature were indeed amazing, they put a chutney on the top of the chole which enhances the taste even more. Second thing was the Platter. It had Next level Chicken tikka, Chicken malai and Chicken Pudina. I loved the Pudina chicken. It was soft, crisp and very juicy.

After eating all this they recommended us to try their Rajma Chawal as they have been getting lots of orders for the same. Rajma chawal has a layer of rajma at the bottom, then chawal, then palak paneer, then rajma, chawal, rajma, a piece of paneer and a layer of palak paneer on the top with onions. Trust me, you will be amazed after eating this. It’s a unique concept and a customer favorite.

In the main course we ordered Chicken Rara, Butter chicken and Garlic naan. Both the chicken dishes were perfectly cooked. My personal favorite is Chicken Rara as it was on the spicy side.

Lastly we had lassi and it was thick and perfectly sweet.

I just loved the place as the food is amazing. The best part is there is no adulteration as the owner puts a check on everything. I would surely recommend you to either order or visit this place. I’m sure you will love it!

Place: Nona’s Kitchen Where: Super market 1, Dlf phase 4, Gurgaon, Haryana What: 1. Chicken rara, butter chicken & Garlic naan 2. Next level Chicken tikka, malai chicken tikka, chicken pudina 3. Chole bhature 4. Palak rajma chawal 5. Strawberry lassi

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