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Last Dhaba on Indo Tibet Border (Hindustan ka Akhari Dhaba)

I feel whenever anyone thinks about visiting Chitkul the first thought they would have in their mind would be that I want to eat at this Akhri dhaba. As the name suggests it is India's last dhaba on the course. There is nothing after the village thus this dhaba gives you that adventurous feeling that eating here is going to be fun.

You will find the place just at the entrance of the village, you just need to go down a few steps and you are there. The place is small with just 4 to 5 tables. You can sit there and relax for a while provided it isn't crowded. The view from the dhaba is also amazing you can also see Tibetan prayer flags hanging around the dhaba.

The place is run by Mr Om Prakash Negi Ji, he has been running this place since early 2000, when I spoke to him he said when he started this dhaba the village was very small and very few bikers, travellers use to come here.

In recent years people have been coming in large numbers, tourism has grown and that is why there are a lot of hotels and guest houses in the area. Thus his small dhaba has received so much recognition and his food has been highly appreciated by all the visitors. When you sit at the dhaba you can see that a few of the Bollywood celebrities lie Sara Ali khan, Kiran khan have also visited this place. He has displayed those photos on his counter for people to see. He is a very humble man it was fun talking to him and he always serves food with a smile on his face.

They serve very basic Rajma Chawal and kadhi Chawal. Which is really uplifting after the long bumpy ride. But once you have it I sure you are going to have one more plate as you'll be so tired and hungry that one plate is not going to be enough. Also, the location, the view, the weather, and the wind will add to your experience.

Apart from this, I have also heard that they serve chicken as well, but it was not available when I was there.

If you are planning to visit Chitkul this place has to be on top of your to-do list.

When to travel:

The place is usually cold and windy during the summer and chilling cold during the winter. To catch up with the amazing panoramic views it is better to plan your trip between April to October.

The roads to Chitkul are usually closed from November to March as the snowfall makes the road difficult to drive on. Traveling to Chitkul is difficult as one has to pass through one of the dangerous roads of Kinnaur district, which are dreadfully steep, narrow, and bumpy.

While going to Chitkul you can also visit Reckong Peo, Sangla valley, Kalpa, and Kinnaur Kailash mountains.

Distance and routes:

Chitkul is almost 600 km from New Delhi. There is no direct bus from Delhi to chitkul, One has to take a bus from Shimla to Sangla and then Sangla to Chitkul. Anyone traveling in a cab will take the same 13 hours tiring journey without any halt. Best is to take a halt at Sangla valley and Kalpa and then move to Chitkul so that you don’t miss out on an inch of beauty and joy of Kinnaur district in Himachal.

Important tips:

There are some important things that you should bear in mind while planning your trip to Chitkul. This is undoubtedly a ‘Must Visit’ place for everyone, one who has time for himself/herself and for nature will enjoy it even more. You won’t get a mobile network on your arrival. No ATM booths. So carry cash. If you are interested in going to the Indo-Tibet border, there are some local people who can assist you in getting the permit.

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