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Bhogal Chole Bhature | Connaught Place | New Delhi

Indian cuisines have a variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to the Indian subcontinent.

Chole Bature is a small part of the north Indian cuisine which became the lifeline of Delhi. One can find the youngest person to the eldest person waiting in a queue on a Sunday morning for their plate of chole bhatura. Delhi has lots of chole bhature walas, you can go to any area you will find one or two famous outlets selling Chole Bhature.

I had made a pact that I'll be trying all the famous chole bhature in Delhi and share my experience with everyone.

I have been to sitaram diwan chand in paharganj, chadha chole bhature in Kamala nagar, Rama chole bhature in Tilak Nagar & Sitaram Diwan Chand in Pitampura as well (Taste is entirely different from the Paharganj outlet).

I would say bhogal chole bhature has its own unique taste and is very different from the normal chole bhature which you can easily find in Delhi.

Bhogal Chole Bhature was started in 1962 by Late Ram Bharose and is a popular food joint amongst the office people of Connaught Place. The place is famous for its unique style of preparation of Chole. They serve the chickpeas(chole) with koftas. The koftas are made of sponge gourd and spinach. The shop also serves freshly made mango pickle. One plate of Chola Bhatura will cost you around 50-60 bucks.

They serve amazing chole bhature as well as chole kulche. Apparently it's not that famous amongst Delhi people but on my visit, I had interacted with a couple of people from outside Delhi who especially came to Connaught place just to try their food. The staff has been constant from the last 40 years with its hospitality just like its taste and quality of the food.

The shop is located in the interiors of Connaught Place. It took me half an hour and a bit of asking people to reach there. It is a very simple shop with no such fancy amenities but the taste that cook enhances in his food is amazingly delicious and definitely worth it.

I would suggest you go during the afternoon time as it is less crowded there. The shop is opened till 5 in the evening so make sure to be on time. Bhogal Chole bhature is a must-have and Highly recommended from my side.

Sure You Gonna Love It.

Place: Bhogal Chole Bhature

Where: Connaught Place

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