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Bhagwati Chole Bhature ( Haridwar)

Haridwar situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga is among the sacred cities in India. The city is well connected through highways from Delhi and is around 4 to 5 hours drive from New Delhi and an hour drive from Rishikesh.

While we were traveling we got a lot of traffic due to the metro being constructed from Delhi to Meerut. Apart from that, the road is smooth and I am sure you will enjoy the drive. Our plan was to reach Rishikesh but because we started our journey late we could only manage to reach Haridwar. We took a decent hotel on the highway and the next morning I thought we should explore Haridwar so we went towards har ki paudi.

When we reached there it wasn't as crowded as it use to be maybe because of the covid situation, but I was fascinated to see the drastic change that has happened to the place, the last time I had visited har ki paudi was when I was 12 years old. Now the place has transformed into something very systematic and beautiful.

I was hungry and my brother told me to try Mohan puri as it was nearby and was very famous, I took one plate and I totally loved it, the aloo ki sabzi was thick full of masalas and the puri was fresh as it was served hot. Apart from this I even tried the khasta kachori, which was very bland, and the chole ki sabzi served with it was not complimenting it. ( I forgot to take pictures of the place will update it the next time I visit).

After that, all of us have heard about Bhagwati Chole Bhature as it was very famous amongst the locals and well as the people visiting.The shop has been here for decades, it has been more than 30 years at this location and for 15 years it was at some other place in Haridwar. He also mentioned that this was his 3rd generation that was working at this shop.

It was a long walk from Mohan puri to Bhagwati but our hunger for chole bhature drove us to walk all the while. When we reached there was a long queue. there was no place to sit and we wanted to sit and enjoy the whole experience so we thought we should wait. Meanwhile, he served us Tari ( Chole Gravy). It was full of Masalas and served very hot, I just couldn't have enough of it. The masalas were so strong that they were pinching down my throat.

After waiting for half an hour we got our table, quickly we ordered 3 plates of chole bhature and more of that Tari. Chole bhature was served on Banana leaves, which was something which I have not seen and something innovative.

Being a person who has lived in Delhi for more than 6 years and is a big fan of chole bhature, you might not like it very much, but it was worth all the hype, chole was good so were the bhature.

Overall a must-try place if you are in Haridwar. I was visiting Haridwar after such a long time the place has the same vibe and the Holiness to it.

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