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Best Chole Kulcha in Gurgaon

I have moved from Delhi to Gurgaon, so my food pallet always demands something extraordinary, and comparison in terms of food always moves towards Delhi.

Initially, when I moved to Gurgaon, the street food concept here is not up to the mark, you might find things that you are craving for but the taste would be entirely different and sometimes not even good.

The concept of parking your car outside the shop and order dishes in your car has still not reached Gurgaon I guess, because I have not seen too many places trying this, Gurgaon has more cafes and restaurants. The street food scene is dead here.

After a lot of exploring, I found this place that serves amazing chole kulcha, it's just a street cart by the name of Pramod Chole Kulche located nearby Baktawar chowk. if you go there during the afternoon or late morning you might not get your order for 20 to 25 minutes, it's that crowded.

Unlike the chole kulcha, you get in Delhi who mixes everything inside the chole container like onion tomato, and gravy(don't really know what it is) and it is not on the spicy side. What they do, they make the chole and then while serving they put some ginger, onion, and coriander garnishing on the top along with 2 to 3 green chillies. Chillies are full of masala and very spicy, if you like spicy then do try them I am sure you will like it. There is an option for a standing table as well as a sitting table. Whichever feels comfortable you can choose.

Chole is served with two kulcha, I have always tried the normal one but there is an option for paneer kulcha as well as paneer fried and this can we accompanied by salad as well as a glass of thick raita.

If you are in the neighbourhood and craving for a good plate of chole kulcha this is the place to be. I am sure you will love it. Per plate cost: Plain Kulcha: 50 Paneer Kulcha: 70 Paneer Fried Kulcha: 90

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